The Extra Mile

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Pocono Produce is one of the largest independent broadliners servicing the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, but produce—which makes up 15 percent of sales—is still a calling card. A new program underscores that.
It’s not easy being green, but in a market like northern California, getting on the environmentally friendly bandwagon isn’t exactly optional. The region has long been aggressive on passing mandates designed to protect the environment, and operators there often struggle to keep up.
At Yancey's, an independent broadliner founded in 1939, the push is on to build better relationships with customers. That means, among other things, more transparency. Find out what else this distributor is doing to keep business up in tough times.
In today’s climate, operators and distributors should strive to build lasting, trusting relationships based on sharing knowledge and transparency, says Paul Desena, sales manager for Yancey’s, an independent broadliner founded in 1939. Desena instructs his 17 DSRs to act as if they’re owners rather than salesmen. When they act like restaurateurs, “DSRs search for solutions that are truly in the best interest of their customers,” Desena adds.
Some breathing room on paying those bills. Superior Anhausner Foods Los Angeles Accounts: 1,000 in southern California 2007 sales: $80 million
Deadly restaurant sins. Keck’s Food Service Millerton, PA Accounts: 1,000 in Pennsylvania and New York 2007 sales: Under $40 million
Marketing on the road and in-house. J. Kings Food Service Professionals Holtsville, NY ID ranking: 35th largest distributor in the U.S. Accounts: 1,700 in eastern New York and New Jersey 2007 sales: $169 million
A distributor who gets food costs down Ben E. Keith Foods Fort Worth, Texas ID ranking: 9th largest distributor in the U.S. Accounts: 22,000 in the South and Southwest 2007 sales: $1.64 billion Ben E. Keith Foods has been working with its clients for four years to help them become more profitable. These days, it’s finding its services in high demand.