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Top 50 - 2008

19. Glazier Foods Co.

Houston, TX
Year founded: 1936
President/ceo: Tom Glazier
1 distribution center
3,700 accounts
84% commercial, 16% noncommercial
14,000 SKUs
98% national brands
1% private label
1% group label
38% street accounts sales ($955 average order size)
53% multiunit accounts ($2,000 average order size)
COP & specialty products: Fresh meat (beef, lamb, veal, poultry), fresh produce, gourmet cheese, E&S, san-jan
Best innovation: Installed warehouse technology, and merchandising and sales tracking. Created new warehouse and transportation procedures.
Fuel prices: Reducing miles driven and contracting fuel and implementing other projects. Increasing drop sizes.
High-tech operations systems: Researching wide range of technologies.
Plans for human pandemic or other catastrophes: Evolving process.
Any "green" or environmentally-friendly projects: Working on it.
Key issues this year: Focusing on better through put and other cost-savings ideas. Working with customers to increase drop sizes, time and day of deliveries, along with other cost-savings ideas.