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Top 50 - 2008

50. Pocono Produce Co., Inc.

Stroudsburg, PA
Year founded: 1940
Chairman: Rosemary Driebe Olofsson
President: Terrence B. Snyder
2 distribution centers
1,700 accounts
100% commercial
7,000 SKUs
75% national brands
5% private label
20% group label
70% street accounts sales ($930 average order size)
25% multiunit accounts ($3,200 average order size)
COP & specialty products: Fresh meat (beef, lamb, veal, poultry) fresh fish, fresh produce, gourmet cheese, E&S, san-jan
Best innovation: Updated website and installed barcode scanning at receiving.
Fuel prices: Improving logistics and consolidating deliveries.
High-tech operations systems: Investigating voice and installed logistics systems.
Plans for human pandemic or other catastrophes: On agenda for 2007.
Any "green" or environmentally-friendly projects: Recycling cardboard and paper, participate in Brodhead Creek Conservation and Adopt A Highway Clean-up, support Troud Township Park System and Greenway Hiking Trails.
Key issues this year: Dealing with employment issues, fuel and healthcare costs, government regulations, food safety.